It is time for one of the winter’s highlights, the Annual Conference in Mineral Processing!

The ESR’s had the chance to disseminate their works at the MetalIntelligence Final Conference, which occurred in association with the annual Conference in Minerals Engineering February 4 – 5 2020 in Luleå City Hall, Luleå, Sweden. The following works were presented:

  • ESR4 Glacialle Tiu – Mineralogical Assessment of the Metamorphosed Lappberget Zn-Pb-Ag-(Cu-Au) Ore Body, Sweden: Implications for Mineral Processing
  • ESR3 Pratama Istiadi Guntoro – Ore Texture Analysis: Moving Towards 3D with X-ray Microcomputed Tomography (µCT)
  • ESR5 Caroline Izart – HSC Sim Multicomponent Mill Models for Grinding Simulations of Blends
  • ESR2 Marco Acevedo – Novel Ways of Automated Trace Element-Mineral Association Recognition
  • ESR1 Alexandra Stavropoulou – Multi-Technique Sample Feature Analysis
Photo collage of ESR’s presentation in the conference, representing their host institution of LTU, Outotec (Finland) Oy, and TCD

Besides presenting their work, the ESRs also have the chance to meet the stakeholders from academia and industries related to mining and mineral processing field. Academics and industries from Finland, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Russia, Portugal, Germany, Austria, and Norway were present in the conference.

As the projects is nearing its end (and so does the ESRs’ PhD studies) the conference was a good chance to kick-start the post-PhD career of the ESRs. By presenting their projects, industries and academia can see what MetalIntelligence is doing, and can potentially connect with them should there be a potential for future collaboration.

The ESR’s from left to right: ESR5 Caroline Izart, ESR1 Alexandra Stavropoulou, ESR3 Pratama Istiadi Guntoro, ESR2 Marco Acevedo.

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