Alexandra Stavropoulou

Alexandra Stavropoulou


Project Overview

Taking into consideration that academia is more flexible compared to industry as far as the implementation of new methods is concerned, this project aims at bridging the gap between industry and academia in terms of mineral and material (natural or synthetic) characterisation. SEM-EDS allows for data acquisition within a reasonable timeframe and can be also used for in situ chemical analysis, grain association and mineral liberation analysis (MLA), using AZtec software, developed by industry partner Oxford Instruments. However, distinguishing among different grains and their associations is still difficult to be satisfactorily achieved and is very time-consuming. Thus, the key objective of this project is to improve the software limitations so as to make MLA quicker and more accurate, resulting in more industry-relevant analysis turnaround. Except for powder X-ray diffraction, analysis for all aforementioned methods is conducted in thin sections (prepared in TCD premises). The singularity and universality of sample type facilitates the comparison among different methods and results and implicitly promotes efficiency.


Kilias, S., Naden, J., Paktsevanoglou, M., Giampouras, M., Stavropoulou, A., Apeiranthiti, D., Mitsis, I., Koutles, T., Michael, K. and Christidis, C. (2013) Multistage alteration, mineralization and ore–forming fluid properties at the Viper (Sappes) Au–Cu–Ag–Te ore body, W. Thrace, Greece. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 47, 1635-1644.

Kilias, S., Paktsevanoglou, M., Giampouras, M., Stavropoulou, A., Apeiranthiti, D., Mitsis, I., Naden, J., Kemp, S., Shepherd, T. and Koutles, T. (2013) Gold occurrence, mineral textures and ore fluid properties at the Viper (Sappes) epithermal Au–Ag–Cu orebody, Thrace, Greece, 12th SGA Biennial Meeting.

Conference Presentations

Stavropoulou, A. 2018, From rocks to industry: Development of enhanced mineral characterisation methods using high-resolution microscopy. Irish Postgraduate Research Conference (IPRC), Dublin City University (Talk) 

Virtual Microscope

LinkedIn at Oxford Instruments (UK)


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