Caroline Izart


Project Overview

Dynamic simulation of processes is a powerful tool used in many industries for various purposes such as process optimisation or operator training. In this project, dynamic models of mineral processing units are constructed and integrated into the HSC Sim software. The long-term goal is to implement multi-purpose simulations earlier in the mine life-cycle, even during the prefeasibility phase when they could be integrated in digital factory conception. This digital representation of the mineral processing plant will enable the optimisation and adaptation of the plant, in the context of ore input composition, grade, mineralogy, hardness and internal variability of the deposit.


Numerical modelling of column experiments to investigate in-situ bioleaching as an alternative mining technology, Hydrometallurgy 2019. G Laurent, C Izart, B Lechenard, F Golfier, P Marion, P Collon, L Truche, JJ Royer, and L Filippov.

Conference Presentations

BIOMOre project presentation – 16ème Congrès SFGP, Nancy, 2017.