Outotec, Pori, Finland May 2018


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June 4, 2018

HSC LCA for Process Industry (Antti Roine)

Markus Reuter, Susanna Horn, Matti Peltomäki, Matias Hultgren

June 5, 2018

HSC Basics (Antti Roine)

Lauri Mäenpää, Matti Hietala

June 6, 2018

HSC Equilibrium Module Applications (Petri Kobylin)

Lauri Mäenpää, Matti Hietala

June 7-8, 2018

HSC Sim Pyro Applications (Matti Hietala)

Lauri Mäenpää

June 11-12, 2018

HSC Sim Hydro Applications (Tuukka Kotiranta)

Petri Kobylin

June 13-14, 2018

HSC Sim Mineral Processing (Antti Remes)

Matti Hietala

June 15, 2018

HSC Sim Mineral Processing Advanced (Antti Remes)

Matti Hietala

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